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Our Story

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Education meets modern technology

Numerade is a venture-backed, high-growth education technology startup based in Los Angeles. We are singularly focused on creating exceptional video and interactive content experiences for education making the knowledge and skills of world class educators widely accessible and affordable to student audiences of all backgrounds. Our mission is to close the educational opportunity gap by unlocking and democratizing access to extraordinary educators and the content they have to offer.

Only the best

Educators All of our educators have post-graduate degrees, and many are the very TAs that you see every week in your own classrooms. We specifically find educators with these backgrounds not only because of their deep, expert-level knowledge, but also because they have experience teaching hundreds of students and know where the pitfalls and hangups are.

What we believe in

Quality videos We believe in video, and love it as a medium for education. There's something so much more personal and resonating about watching and hearing someone work through every step of a problem on screen. Video captures so much more nuance and depth when compared to traditional non-interactive textbooks. Amazing content Numerade is the platform for understanding. We exist to provide incredible learning experiences via video to each and every single one of our students. We add hundreds of videos a day, each one carefully produced towards helping you gain deeper understanding.