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Create and Share Lesson Videos
Record daily videos or choose from the world's largest library of STEM lessons. Then assign content to students and answer their questions -- all for free!
"Educators who use Numerade Class see student participation rates of over 90%"
HS Math Teacher, Rhode Island
Connect with your students
Create dynamic whiteboard videos where students can see your handwriting and hear your voice.
Save Time
Support student learning through videos (It's like having an on-demand tutor!). Assign videos from our library of over 800,000 STEM and test-prep videos to your students.
Increase Participation - Wherever & Whenever
Increase participation by making learning flexible. Allow students to view material on their own time.
Intuitive features that make teaching easier and help students learn more
Lesson Content: Create and find videos, assign them to students
Record your own lessons with our simple to use whiteboard video creator and curate lesson playlists from our library of STEM videos taught by top educators.
Class Analytics: What gets measured gets improved
Go deeper than just attendance. Access data around if students are watching assigned content, when they drop off during lessons, and which parts they re-watch.
Video Q&A: Never answer a question more than once again
Take remote class participation to the next level. Allow students to ask anonymous questions and upvote their peer’s queries. Then with a click create an explanation video to each question that the whole class can see.