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Isaac S.

Calculus 1 / AB

1 week, 5 days ago

Write an explicit function as shown below

Yale University


\begin{equation} \begin{array}{l}{\text { F. NOCHANGE }} \\ {\text { G. tells us, that, }} \\ {\text { H. tells us that, }} \\ {\text { J. tells us that }}\end{array} \end{equation}


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Video Transcript

So this grammatical question is about punctuation, and we want to make sure that punctuation follows the correct grammar rules. Eso if we look at the underlying passage, we actually don't need a comma because we wouldn't normally pause at that point of the passage. So since it is a necessary, we're going to go with an answer choice that eliminates tach, um, calm or any punctuation, which is J so answer. Choice Jay is correct, and the reason is no punctuation.