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Robert M.

Organic Chemistry

1 week, 5 days ago

Which of the following represents Newman Projection of the most stable conformation of 2-bromo-4-methylpentane as viewed via C2-C3 carbon-carbon bond?

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Consider 2 -methylbutane (isopentane). Sighting along the C2-C3 bond: (a) Draw a Newman projection of the most stable conformation. (b) Draw a Newman projection of the least stable conformation. (c) If $a \mathrm{CH}_{3} \leftrightarrow \mathrm{CH}_{3}$ eclipsing interaction costs $11 \mathrm{kJ} / \mathrm{mol}$ (2.5 kcal/mol) and $\mathrm{a} \mathrm{CH}_{3} \leftrightarrow \mathrm{CH}_{3}$ gauche interaction costs $3.8 \mathrm{kJ} / \mathrm{mol}(0.9 \mathrm{kcal} / \mathrm{mol}),$ make a quantitative plot of energy versus rotation about the C2-C3 bond.


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Video Transcript

Hi guys. Live some problem. 42. We need to run human projection off the most stable and lets the stable confirmation off to me. Tiger Beauty in. So we know that always the most stable conformation is the Gulch confirmation. And to meet held it in his to publish information, let us draw the two confirmations. Police. It's one and into that of the bunch. Confirmation is this one. So what? We see that in confirmation. One there are to We tied me, tell interaction. And in confirmation, two days only one will have had confirmation interaction. Therefore, this is confirmation to ease Morris table, then confirmation one. And it is the most stable one. This is the most stable information off when we have a beacon. No, we know that the list is stable. Confirmation is the information which is eclipsed. My visit gives information. Leaves us Mr Straight. We just drove them a clips confirmation for title Lieutenant. This is the least a stable confirmation. Do me title mutant. No time problem. We need to draw the energy profile when we don't get off on two and three, so laters. Draw older confirmations. Let's just start with groups to information. Now if we'd voted six tragically really get about information. If you don't read a in another 60 degree, we'll get eclipsed for information. Island of ultra information. Then another eclipse for information. And finally we will return to the emission groups trumps domination. Now we need to draw the energy pro find what? Before that we need to the government Who is going to give the highest energy? What we see here we have Do we have any time eclipsed your direction? And one hydrogen hydrogen It gives to direction Want me 10 hydrogen Eclipse your direction So this come this confirmation is highest energy the energy propane So why excesses? Energy and X six is his angle approbation And we have the highest energy for the tipster information Because if we and to these numbers these values are given in the problem intermittently clips just live in collegial for more on me telling me I got a chance Street 0.8 killers from one meantime, hydrogen a close to 600 and hydrogen hydrogen equips transport religion 11 latents and enter these numbers for me 10 mentality cleaves to 11 individual form one 400 hydrogen eclipsed for villages. 11 410. It keeps to six religion from one of you since 21 individual for more energy for this confirmation. Then from the 2nd 1 we have do you take any pain, Welch directions. So the energy in this case is going to be 3.8 plus 3.8, which is 7.6. Imagine for more for the hard won again, we have to meet any time. I want me. Tell me time one me tell hydrogen one hydrogen hydrogen interaction. So again, the energies went to read 21 Oculus. Next we have only one. We take me time interaction, which is culture directions. So the energies on the 3.8 emerging from one in the next one we have, we have. This one is Yeah, we have on the three main title any time interactions. Middle hydrogen eclipse Redirection. So what we need to do is on six. They're having 636 killed Japon ones. So in this case, 66 plus six Villagers upon one gives us 18 individual for moon in the next storm. Again, we have on the one we tied me tired interaction, which is going into election. So the energy is in this case 3.8 religion and one final one again. One retained. Retained when we 10 hydrogen and one hydrogen hydrogen eclipsed in connection. So doing do on religion Formal is the total energy. So now leads place on this energy. Energy burns in the plant. The farce really is having highest general damages strength, you on. Imagine 11 Then we got 7.6 which comes here. Then again, 21. Next, we're going to 3.8 28 e d g. Then again we go to 18. Pleasure for more to 40. Didn't you going date again? Finally again. We've got 21 on one. No, we need to draw the energy pro. Fine. So this is how then it just goes up and down. This one is trying to eat. This one is 18. Reach France here. So it goes up to 18. De Gaulle was down and we need to pull some. And this is the energy dragon for this on these confirmations. Off to me. Time built in

Auburn University Main Campus
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