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Robert M.

Organic Chemistry

1 week, 5 days ago

Which of the following molecule(s) is(are) achiral?

IIT Delhi


Which of the following molecule(s) is(are) achiral?


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Video Transcript

students in this question and given some of the compound and I'm asked which of the following is or are you carol? Okay, so first of all, just look at the options which I'm given. Okay, first option is this rain? Okay? In which I have a chlorine on the top carbon. Okay. Which is a solid. Which? Okay. And I have a chlorine. Our here, Okay. Which is a salt uh solid which uh similarly in the second compound, I have two floating in the same position, but the first one is solid. Okay, while the other one has a uh dash switch. Okay. And in third I have clothing at the metal positions. OK. 1st 1 is having uh huh. Solid waiting and number one is last week. Okay. And in fourth I have chlorine at the para position. one is the solid and another one is the best. Okay, so molecule is a Catalan it have any kind of symmetry. Okay, so in first, if you check, I have a line of symmetry. Okay, so this if I take a plane and cut this molecule from here than this molecule is completely symmetric. This molecule on the left side is completely symmetrical molecule on the right, right. So this molecule is a carol. So first molecule is a carol. If you take a second then uh this plane would not be the plane of symmetry. Right. And in turn option also there is no plane of symmetry and no center of cemetery either right and fourth option, I have a center of symmetry. So along the center I have seen at the opposite and same and the lower side. Okay, so this molecule has a central symmetry and this molecule has a plane of symmetry. Okay, so according to this, first and the fourth molecule is the mackerel molecules. So first and foremost, the correct answer. Thank you.

IIT Delhi
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