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Yukai Y.

Intro Stats / AP Statistics

1 week, 5 days ago

Three cards are selected, without replacement, from the honour cards (10, J, Q, K, A) in a standard deck. What is the probability that two of them are face cards?


Three cards are selected, without replacement, from the honour cards (10, J, Q, K, A) in a standard deck. What is the probability that two of them are face cards?


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Video Transcript

to the question given. We have three cards are directed without replacement From the corner cards. What are the corner guards for adults? Up? 10 joker for you? King and S. These favor called vulnerable in a standard. That what is the trouble with towards them up? Face cuts. Uh So we have to select three cards from the group of discards out of which two of them are respect. Now let us see how many cards are. The total number of packs now in in a standard deck in a standard debt with how four main groups. The first one is well fucked. The 2nd 1 is Diamond. Okay. And the total in this club And the 4th 1 is paid. We have these four main groups. So each group we have to act in cards. So diamond were allowed to help that mean cuts. Club will also help that cuts and the spare their lives to help that thing. So total talking. We have taught and they want to people Now in the 13 cards. So what are the 13 cards? Uh in the 13 guards. We can stoop uh different types with card with numbers one, So the 11 is nothing but yes, started small particle. Yes. And they do it right there like these are the total tax Uh totaled 13 cards. So the same cards will have diamonds and terminals. We have same cards with numbering to 10 MJ. Okay. And club without has gotten sprayed with ourselves and that. Now if you see that you can say that in each group we have these private parts who's going to look at. You need to group. We have these fire guards. So dr honourable parts corner group card. He called to five into 4th and 20. Yeah, It's a total horrible parts at 29. Uh No. If you want to know water face cuts, you know, let us try to the water face cuts. These cards are called joker Queen king and his daughter Queen king. And this article Face got this border guards. As you can see you need to group. We have for 1, 2, 3, 4. He needs help for face. Therefore, total face cups in the back is he called four into fourth 16 year. Also we have the right to talk to honor roll cards in a deck. This is an effect. Now we have got the number totals robots and total face that no letters. Try to find the probability. With this data, I see what is the problem. You have to select three cards from total 20 cards. The problem will be equal to mhm. Uh The honourable outcomes, right? Total outcomes. So total outcomes should be Out of 20 card to the directory cards. So the dark lord comfort between the three. The content and the powerful outcomes must be we call to Out of the 16 cards. We should have to select two cars. uh 10 minute. So the normal outcome is we have to select to cut some face cuts. So it is 1632 and one kind from the remaining. So reminding cats are four, so 47, therefore probability peak. And with us 16-24, 7 way two MPC three. So this is the problem. Now, if you conclude this problem will see is called the combination. She is called the combination. Also come through this probability. In a mechanic like that, we'll get the final answer at at nine people part. That is the point for this is the problem.

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