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Isaac S.

Calculus 1 / AB

1 week, 5 days ago

Piecewise function

Chandigarh University


Determine if the two triangles are congruent


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Video Transcript

we have our number E. In which we need to determine if the two triangles are congruent or not. So in the first figure, we can uh find out that triangles. If you're right, if we draw it separately, it will be oh, okay. Yeah. And oh h. And another tangle would be like this. This is N. This is W. And this is is that so if you look at the triangles and triangles N. O. H. Okay. We'll be writing the strangle afterwards. First, let us draw whatever is being given. Okay. Okay, so let's just write down whatever things has been given. This angle is equal to and this angry calls to this angle and this angle is equal to this angle and this and girl is equal to this angle. Okay. So basically if you look at the triangles, it comes out to be angle angle angle criteria, but this criteria is not necessarily for Congress say it is grateful similarity but not Congresses conferences. So this uh, these two triangles are not congruent. Now, if you look at F, if you look at F, we will be having like this 42. Okay. Yeah. Okay. So if you look at a second figure problem number F. There's a 42 and this is 40 and this is 31. We have Q. We have our we have S So this is like okay for pay 31 42 H. K. And G. Yeah. Okay. At K and G. So if we look at these two triangles, we should be writing like in the strangles you are is congruent to cuba is congruent to kg. Okay. Q. R. S is congruent to R. S. Is congruent to hk And uh, artist will ask you, is congruent to ask you, is congruent to energy at G. Or we should say G H G H. Because we're taking this in the same order. So we can say that from side side side criteria, triangle K G h is congruent to strangle Q R. S. So, yes, these triangles are congruent. Thank you.