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Kas K.

Calculus 1 / AB

1 week, 5 days ago

A rocket is being launched. After a while, it rises at a constant velocity of 40 miles per second. An observer is standing 56 miles from the launching site. How fast is the distance between the rocket and the observer changing when the rocket is at a height of 33 miles? Present your answer as an approximation, accurate up to three or more decimals.

Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur


A rocket in outer space that is moving at a speed of $1.25 \mathrm{km} / \mathrm{s}$ relative to an observer fires its motor. Hot gases are expelled out the back at $2.75 \mathrm{km} / \mathrm{s}$ relative to the rocket. What is the speed of the gases relative to the observer?


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Video Transcript

The rocket is moving to the right with the speed 1.25 kilometer for a second. Onda and the gases are expected. Just get the gases. We do expect that Rocket He's 2.75 He then we don't for a second. So that must be of the gases with respect to as observer At rest, you will be Let us Do you have gas? With respect to rocket miners were stripped the rocket. It was 2.75 my ass. 1.25 You told me that for a second equals 1.5 kilometre Our second opposite direction off, uh, rocket motion.

Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
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