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Ty B.

Financial Algebra


12. Use the following data to construct a stock bar chart for the 5-day period.DayOpenCloseHighLowVolume120.4820.2420.5020.2058,000,000220.2120.2520.3020.0052,000,000320.3020.1020.3420.0242,000,000420.1720.4420.4520.1050,000,000520.4820.6120.6520.3650,000,000

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Construct the data frequency table for the following data set.


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Video Transcript

All right, so in this problem we're doing a little bit opposite of what we did in the last two sections in which we are taking our data and we're putting it into our frequency table. Okay. And if we're looking at our data set here, it is not in um at least the greatest. But we are going to kind of do that as we do our frequency table. So we know that our frequency table, they soften the way our textbook breaks it out. Looks kind of like this the first data set we have looks like we go all the way from 22 27 and we're just gonna tally these up. Alright, so we have a 22. Um We have a 25 we have another 22 we have a 27 we have a 24 we have a 23. We have another 26 24. Another 22 looks like that's gonna be our mode 24 in a 26. And then I'm just going to change these two numbers and of course the ones already look like ones. So that would be our frequency chart. We have 22 occurs three times 23 appears. One time 24 appears three times 25 appears once, 26 twice, and 27 1. And now we have, instead of listening out all the numbers, it's a little bit more concise and just having it into one location. Um We can see the mode very easily as 22. We also can see it's um not really symmetric or skewed. It's kind of bi modal. Actually, we have two modes 22 24. I miss that. So it's bi modal. So a density curve, we kind of had to have two humps and then, you know, kind of work its way out to the right towards the tail. That is how you construct frequency diagrams.

University of Alabama at Birmingham
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